Why Choose us?

At Sillsilay, we don't see ourselves as  just a business. We see ourselves as providing a much needed service to our community , We ease your troubles of finding the perfect partner. We are committed to being  Professional, Trustable and Reliable.

Our Commitment

We know, It can be hard trying to find good educated families that value the same customs and traditions you do.

We, at Sillsilay Matrimonial, are aware of the values and traditions of families that reside in Canada, America and the UK, and strive to meet their requirements.

Unlike other matchmakers, we personally get know our clients and try to find them the best suitable match.

Our Clients

Our clientèle consists of busy professionals such as Doctors , Accountants, Engineers, Consultants that are looking to start their lives. Some have just graduated, while others have been heavily invloved in their careers and just didn't get a chance to settle down.

We conduct detailed consultations that help us pre-screen and search for compatible matches that best suit our clients needs.

Our Network

We have a large network with representatives situated in Canada, America and Pakistan to serve you better.

Your Privacy

We understand that the whole world doesn’t need to know that you’re having a little trouble trying to get married.

Sillsilay Matrimonial Services respects the privacy of its clients and keeps all information extremely private and confidential.